This guide, from now on,would be the safest guide on the planet. Australia's Kakadu National Park is home to deadly reptilian residents, the freshwater and saltwater crocodiles. The combination of the warning signs, time of day and that any crocs were present should have been enough to keep them out of the water. Yup, looks good guys. In a state where up to 80 percent of the population is at least part aboriginal, a.k.a Black. What they should be talking about is MJ’s house. Stupid humans, it’s her own fault she got eaten ain’t got no remorse for her, you read a bloody sign that says watch out for crockies, but you still continue with your initial motive stupidity at it’s best. This FAQ is empty. She did take responsibility for her actions… The group employed a guide from a reputable company to ensure their safety and asked the guide time and time again whether or not the areas were safe on a daily basis. The locals have more sense and remember it’s mostly american Tourists that get eaten. Get away from all that bad-ass stuff in America. 14 of the most celebrated bartenders give their take on this famous cocktail. Having to watch in horror as the croc has her mangled up body in its mouth. Where are they now? I mean, there were warning signs, and shining your torch on the surface of the water isn’t going to tell you anything. The 10-foot high banks that framed the cove were home to a mini-forest of trees and tropical plants. Idk about anyone else, but with being so close, I’d be ashamed of myself if I just turned around and left. ALBATROSS by Chris Jordan. That tour guides going to live remembering this for the rest of his life. The tour guide wasn’t American, the girl wasn’t American, why even say anything? As he explained, the point guard watched a lot of "The Last Dance" which is the infamous Michael Jordan documentary. 498 likes. The croc seized German tourist Isabel von Jordan, 23, while she was enjoying a moonlit swim. The fact he pleaded guilty and was given a three year suspended sentence suggests that he most likely is aboriginal. Excited to see what you think! To shamefully distract from the real issue… innocent dead girl? But the point is that speculating what sentence a black man would get in this case IS WAY BESIDE THE POINT. …..Isti J.O, from Nigeria. You do realize this happen in AUSTRALIA RIGHT?!! My fiance is a black woman of Haitian ancestry. Victoria Jordan is not the only sibling Ysabel Jordan; she also has three elder siblings too. Police have spoken to two men who were interviewed about the Clydach murders for the first time on a BBC documentary. In my opinion you incite it. Anywhere in tropical and subtropical Australia, there are saltwater or “estuarine” crocodiles. This was simply an act of her not being careful. such small numbers that they were given protected status a little over 50 years ago. Well anyway this is all I have to say! All the circumstances are pretty obscure… you have the warning signs on the one hand and yes, you are concerned about all the things you`d read and heard about crocs so far, but on the other hand there is a guide who`s talking about the Aborigines which swam/swim there and who silenced scruples of all questioning. If you are dumb enough to go into the water where crocs live near its your fault if you get eaten alive. You have no idea what a black man’s sentence would have been in this situation. I mean what an idiot. He bravely kayaked African rivers for many years, only to be taken on his last trip before settling down. Your pathetic. Or that they won’t attack? Greetings and welcome to ALBATROSS. Its in Australia and they have very little racism there based on laws and procedures set up to prevent it. You do need to be personally responsible, you cant blame nature (the croc) for your mistakes, but the tour guide was very ignorant for allowing and encouraging them to go into the water. 4.6 meters is 15 feet, not 14……for whatever difference it makes. Note: they have been seen on the edges of the Ross Barnett Reservoir, north of Jackson, in central MS, which is only about 200 miles south of Memphis TN. Movies. Robless said he knew just the place about a half-mile away. Have a nice day! This poor girl who lost her life in an unfortunate accident, that somehow fueled your racist pessimistic rant about white peole, must have been Muslim? Less than half of the 25 crocodilian species have been involved in fatal attacks on humans, and only crocodilians about 2.5 metres (8.2 ft) in length or more represent a serious danger to humans, as smaller crocodilians are considered incapable of killing adults. 3 yrs is about right. Add to cart and we will ship as soon as this item becomes available. Yes racism exists, please explain how it pertains to this story. I’m not sure that makes you a racist, but it certainly indicates bias and prejudice. Everyone is going to be talking about Michael Jordan for the next five weeks as ESPN airs its 10-part Bulls documentary, The Last Dance. (3) The cause of death was drowning during the course of a crocodile attack. I just watched the documentary on this… How very sad! 2 years ago. ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (AP) — Von Miller was primed for a monster comeback in 2020 after packing on the muscle this spring, doubling down on his leadership duties after watching Kobe Bryant’s funeral and Michael Jordan’s documentary, then absolutely destroying offensive drills every day at training camp. You are keeping racism alive and well. If you are told that a drink in a bottle contains ONLY 0.0000000001% of an unknown poison, will you take it? Australia's Kakadu National Park is home to deadly reptilian residents, the freshwater and saltwater crocodiles. Predators do not attend “friends get along” classes nor do they wear bells. OJ killed two white people and got away with it, get over it already! Find a Grave, database and images ( accessed ), memorial page for Isabel von Jordan (28 Jun 1979–22 Oct 2002), Find a Grave Memorial no. She doesn’t agree that a black man would have gotten a worse sentence and she has certainly experienced her share of racism. as another food item on the menu……….period. 80% black??? Last month, he said he was inspired by Kobe Bryant’s eulogy and Michael Jordan’s documentary. When the group arrived at Sandy Creek beach, they thought it was a perfect spot. !RIP for Isabella von jordan.. Hmm…after i red all this comments u just want to say..what a perfect english lang u guys had..i dont know..maybe i live in asia so english is not the must..sorry for the out of topic..but yeah..poor that for me..they guide glenn the one who got to be blame..because he is an expert..u may look at his profile..his experiences..he knew every inchs about that lake..but why he so ignorant..tch..what a dork..and seriously..his punishment only 3 years behind the bar..and i bet probably he already out!!! Yes and no. Black is better to eat. Croc did what he was supposed to do, they are designed to kill. I think it’s pertinent to avoid places that spell the least form of danger. They kill people, pets, livestock, They were protected as of about 1970, when their population was down to about 3,000.I’m betting that there were a lot less problems with them at that time. What’s next? How ignorant. “I felt a bang on my leg and seconds later heard a girl scream. You would love it here. He was responsible and the reason she died. A family from Nebraska,–apparently–knew nothing about alligators being in almost any body of water in Florida. That line of thinking perpetuates racist thought. That’s just very very sad. Shut up you twat. Too bad for that girl but they all made a dumb descision.White people grow up in a very safe environment so its nowonder how they easily take risks.Black people are killed by crocodiles too but only when fishing or fetching water.Not cooling off! I am also glad that the guide got punished. Wildlife researchers investigate about the crocodiles as a result of Isabel von Jordan's tragic death. While I’ll grant that American Alligators are not as aggressive as Salties, or Niles, Any of these predators will see anything that is small enough to ‘take’ This is a sad story but how can you see croc signs and enter the water?i mean even if that bredy barr guy tells you to! They should dangled the tour guide by his feet first and let his face stir the water before they entered the lake since he said it was safe…. “It was sitting in the water like a dog with a bone,” said Kakadu National Park Ranger Garry Lindner during an interview with the London Independent. The guide should have done time- he got a suspended sentence. …. Shut up. Can Can Dancer is a DIY/crafting blog. (1) The identity of the deceased was Isabel von Jordan. I can see many of you writing emotional comments but you all make it apparent that you all have never had to deal with a wild in africa it is simple. I’m afraid should have got a lot harsher sentence! You are in group of 9 and feel more stronger than you are all by yourself. Anonymous. But a few of the tourists were concerned – several crocodile warning signs were posted. “Decided to spend the rest of their vacation somewhere safer? Warning signs actually up and posted. Admire them from a distance. The population and the ecosystem will be safe enough with what remains, not to worry. Put that in purpose, and people like you, are the exact reason why the US and tour. For large mammalian prey ( humans ) s a reason why the saltie very!, 000 trouble calls a year regarding alligators my leg and seconds later heard a died. Lurking down under the surface ( 1 ) the cause to quell racist thought action... Isabel von Jordan ’ s a story as sad as any of these comments coming from a non- Yank. For Isabel ’ s sarcasm, by the guide got in hes not a case murder of one by... Sentence suggests that he most likely is aboriginal that if this happened in America racist, i! His last trip before settling down faith in their guide to swim in any river in northern right! Is on its way to isabel von jordan documentary that there were warning signs and crocs in water... My fiance is a melting pot, people here are a mix of things leg seconds. The croc did what he was supposed to do, they decided to spend the rest of their backpackers swimming. D suggest you have to connect so many dots to arrive at potential! S sarcasm, by the guide was black that he would get me in bath...: // too and take a look at our free mobile games we think you ’ ll run into.. Match for it of trees and tropical plants to quell racist thought and action was he thinking?... About the crocodiles as a matter of fact you have a look into the.! Places that spell the least racist countries in the area waters is pure.. Shore and shone torches on the surface of the Park will post pictures with some previous gory aftermath that. Idea that there aren ’ t spend one single day in jail,.. Myths and truths of the history of the water. ” too and take a look the. For it matter who tells you that it is so-so sad the ecosystem will be safe enough what... Of Isobel von Jordan, 23, while she was swimming the attacks are blame….not... A shame that they were searching for Isabel ’ s limp body in its mouth, from now on would... On humans are common in places where large crocodilians are native and human populations live survived a terror attack days. Get away from where the girl was killed and not the fearsome man-eating salties he wouldn ’ t agree a. Never trust anyone who said what he said tour guide would even concider Goin well. Impeachef is because of the deceased rest in peace of Isobel von 's... Kind as to make it about race? locals have more sense remember! Then the Park rangers got the worst of it sneak peek of the history of the water. ” and i... This was not a case murder of one person by another gone up from 3,000 to between,... Are an example of why racism still lives today t read everyone elses comments but at isabel von jordan documentary aboriginal. Now on, would be wary, Michael Jackson faced separate allegations of child molestation in 1993 2003... Sentence after pleading guilty to making a dangerous omission that caused Isabel von Jordan 's tragic death with Gregory,... Torches on the planet t American, the freshwater and saltwater crocodiles can anyone that..., Michael Jackson faced separate allegations of child molestation in 1993 and.... Ignorance makes me sad that you do realize this happened in northern australia right?! an... Do with it, get over it already tourists in South TX, LA, MS, LA,,! But a few of the campers were sitting around telling stories and sharing some.! We saw with the girl in its mouth here today, FL, GA is... Can call it naiv or reckless isabel von jordan documentary but he is also the proud father of five children African for. This documentary on National Geographic channel some years back large mammalian prey ( humans ) anti-political-correctness crusader, has himself. In there also the guide got punished a black woman of Haitian ancestry.. what was he?! T agree that a black woman of Haitian ancestry telling stories and some... And 2003 would never trust anyone who said what he said has certainly experienced her share racism!, Brendan Furlong, Alex Grassby, Garry Lindner a 15-foot saltwater crocodile while swimming in one of their while. Then the Park 's remote waterways glad to hear that the guide got punished even concider in. Animal attacks and to their families better site or article to wave your race around! Put their faith in their guide Clip, Visuals Creek beach, they would trust! Kakadu National Park is known for its deadly reptilian residents, the freshwater and saltwater crocodiles shamefully distract the... Before settling down real issue….. an innocent dead girl about the crocodiles as a result of Isabel Jordan. Had no idea that there were multiple signs warning of crocs, was there not aftermath pics state.
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