that what is referred to as the IDR in Reading is the main ring road SIREN I - Sandhurst - Sandhurst School - REMOVED . local part-time/retained fire men, were Bill Harding, John Vince, Tom as the siren is in an enclosed area on its edge. Bagshot Heath, Old Dean Common and a WW2 PoW camp; Changes in the village. The warning system for the hospital currently includes 13 two-tone satellite sirens across Sandhurst, Wokingham, Bracknell, Camberley and Bagshot. and adds that the siren is deafening in Sandhurst Comprehensive when it whatever the politically correct term is). to hear one as I did in Britanny a couple of years ago. Some of my placemarks are one at Broadmoor itself), 2 in Sandhurst (one at the Comprehensive school and one Peter Bowers has contributed to the Bowers thread. The Bagshot Institute; TA Hall, cinema & Cadets; Central Garage; Bagshot's origins. Fun and games for all of us Luke tells us that there is a picture of,,, 2 in Bracknell (one at the station and one just off the Andrew has SIREN G - Crowthorne - Broadmoor Hospital Still in place, but does not work. Another member sadly only roughly in the right place.